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How to invest in Freezone Sohar Freezone Sohar

Freezone Sohar是您在東西方門口開展業務的理想地點,可立即進入大型消費市場。

Freezone Sohar由蘇哈爾工業港口公司管理,其中鹿特丹港和阿曼王國以50-50為合資企業的股東。 Freezone Sohar LLC的股東是阿曼蘇丹國,鹿特丹港暨印度SKIL基礎建設公司。

Freezone Sohar為投資者提供了一個良好的基地,可以在阿曼門口為近20億消費者的客戶群分銷產品。 作為海灣合作委員會的一部分,並且靠近印度次大陸和東非海岸,Freezone Sohar地理位置優越,可以到達附近的主要消費市場,並提供位於東西方之間的理想位置的轉運樞紐。

Freezone Sohar是蘇哈爾工業港口公司集團的一部分,毗鄰一流的港口,為所有商品和商品的進出口提供了理想的商業環境。 世界知名的碼頭運營商將以優惠的價格處理您的貨物。

Sohar土地廣泛可用,擁擠無處可尋,經商便利,當地勞工方便取得。 激勵措施具有吸引力。 其能源以具有競爭力的價格提供給業主。




Freezone Sohar工作公司必須至少有2名股東,這兩名股東可能是外國實體(自然人或法人)。

每個工作公司都有10年免徵公司稅(在阿曼通常為12%)。 如果達到某些阿曼化目標,這種豁免可以延長到租賃合同的期限。


Freezone工作公司可以無限制地出售給阿曼/ GCC市場。 當貨物從Freezone帶入阿曼或任何其他海灣合作委員會國家時,將適用標準的5%海灣合作委員會關稅。

Freezone Sohar的最低阿曼化比例為15%。 按照時間表升級將確保免除公司稅:

Freezone Sohar提供單一窗口,通過該窗口可以獲得所有許可證,許可證和批准。 實際上,這意味著Freezone客戶幾乎不需要與各種政府機構進行互動。


環境永續發展是非常重要的。 基於這個原因,環境和氣候事務部為Port和Freezone Sohar設立了一個專門的分支機構; 索哈爾環境單位或SEU。 SEU作為該部的前哨辦公室,從而進行有效率和透明的流程。 所有Freezone公司都必須通過環境評估(環境問題的基本報告)或環境影響評估(由經批准的顧問執行的綜合環境研究)。

由於它可能會影響公司設立時間,因此Freezone Sohar將在預期階段明確報告結果。 有關這些報告的更多詳細信息,請參閱下載部分的相應SEU指導說明。

Freezone Sohar為工作公司提供以下許可證(租賃土地租戶):

這些許可證允許特定活動,並可每年更新。 對於第三方服務提供商,有一個單獨的服務提供商許可證,允許在Freezone內部提供特定服務。 服務提供商的註冊是免費的。


Freezone Sohar擁有簡單透明的許可證制度:
•地塊工作許可證,允許工作公司在其地塊內執行土建工程。 有關地塊開發的所有相關規定以及地塊工作許可證的申請程序均可在“開發控制規則”中找到。


“從Prospect到Freezone Working company”的指導說明解釋了成為Freezone Sohar租戶的步驟:



我們的Freezone也歡迎其他產業進駐。 如果您有興趣投資Freezone Sohar,請發送意向書。 如果您有任何疑問,請隨時與我們聯繫:
如果您有興趣註冊成為服務提供商,可以聯繫電話。 (+968)26852700傳真(+968)26852701


Freezone Sohar歡迎所有投資者參與各種工業領域的投資。 到目前為止,Freezone Sohar已在以下行業中指定了項目:

Freezone Sohar, being the only Freezone of its kind in Oman, is a perfect location to start your business on the doorstep between east and west, having immediate access to large consumer markets.

Please click on website to move to Freezone Sohar website: www.freezonesohar.com


Freezone Sohar is managed by Sohar Industrial Port Company SAOC of which Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman are shareholders in a 50-50 joint venture. Shareholders in Freezone Sohar LLC are the Sultanate of Oman, Port of Rotterdam and SKIL Infrastructure from India.

·         Value Proposition

General Value Proposition

Freezone Sohar provides investors an excellent base to distribute products to a customer base of nearly 2 billion consumers at Oman's doorstep. Part of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and in close vicinity to the Indian Sub-continent and the East African coast, Freezone Sohar is ideally located to reach out to major consumer markets nearby and offers an ideally located transshipment hub between east and west.

Freezone Sohar, being part of the Sohar Industrial Port Company's group, is adjacent to a first class port, creating an ideal business environment for easy import and export of all goods and commodities. World renowned terminal operators will handle your goods with care and at attractive rates.

Land is widely available, congestion is nowhere to find, the ease of doing business is renowned and a local work force is happy to join you. Incentives are attractively competitive. Energy is available at competitive rates

·       Incentives

Freezone Sohar offers a combination of incentives that allow investors to set up and operate their projects in a profitable, easy and flexible manner.

Incentives are as follows:

1.100% foreign ownership

A Freezone Sohar working company must have a minimum of 2 shareholders, both of which may be foreign entities (natural or juridical).

2.10 year corporate tax holiday

Each working company has a guaranteed 10 year exemption of corporate tax (normally 12% in Oman). This exemption can be extended up to the duration of the lease contract if certain targets in Omanization are reached.

3.No customs duties on goods brought into the Freezone.

All customs processes are described in a dedicated set of Customs procedures.

4.No restrictions on sales to the local market

Freezone Working companies are allowed to sell, unlimited, to the Oman/GCC market. The standard 5% GCC customs duty will apply when the goods are brought out of the Freezone into Oman or any other GCC country.

5.Relaxed level of Omanization

The minimum Omanization level for the Freezone Sohar is 15%. An escalation by following schedule will ensure exemption of corporate tax:

·       reached 25% Omanization after 10 years
·       reached 35% Omanization after 15 years
·       reached 50% Omanization after 20 years

6.One Stop Shop for all relevant clearance

Freezone Sohar offers a single window through which all licenses, permits and approvals can be obtained. In practice this means that Freezone clients require very little interaction with the various governmental institutions.


Environmental Sustainability is important. For this reason, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs operates a dedicated branch for the Port and Freezone Sohar; the Sohar Environmental Unit or SEU. The SEU acts as the front-office of the Ministry thereby enabling efficient and transparent processes. All Freezone Working Companies are required to conduct an Environmental study of their projects, either in the form of an Environmental Review (a basic report on the environmental issues) or an Environmental Impact Assessment (a comprehensive environmental study executed by an approved consultant).

Since it potentially influences timelines, Freezone Sohar will ensure clarity on the report type in the prospective phase. More details on these reports can be found in the respective SEU guidance notes from the download section.

The One Stop Shop will guide all investors in this process.

Types of Licenses & Permits

Licenses & Permits Explained


Freezone Sohar offers the following Licenses for Working Companies (tenants with land lease):

·       Industrial license
·       Light manufacturing & assembly license
·       Logistics license

These licenses allow specific activities and are renewable on a yearly basis. For third party service providers there is a separate Service Provider license which allows specific services inside the Freezone. Registration of Service providers is free of charge.


Freezone Sohar has a simple and transparent permit system:

·       Plot Work permit, allowing the Working Company to execute civil works inside their plot. All relevant regulations on plot development, and the application process for the Plot Work permit can be found in the Development Control Regulations.

·       Common Area Work permit: allowing the Working Company to execute works outside the plot, inside the common areas (for example laying a pipeline or cable).

·       Special Transport permit.

Setting up a Company

The guidance note "from Prospect to Freezone Working company" explains the steps that are to be taken to become a tenant of Freezone Sohar: the Freezone Sohar Working company

The guidance note "from Contract to Groundbreaking" explains the steps that are to be taken for a Working Company to be allowed to commence civil works on the leased land.


Guidance Notes from Freezone:

·       From Prospect to Working Company
·       From Contract to Groundbreaking
·       Guidance Note on Labour & Visa

Other industries are of course very much welcomed in our Freezone. If you are interested to invest in Freezone Sohar please send in Expression of Interest. In case you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

If you are interested to register as a service provider, you can contact Tel. (+968) 26852700 Fax (+968) 26852701


Freezone Sohar welcomes all investors in a diverse pallet of industrial sectors. So far Freezone Sohar has earmarked projects in the following sectors of industry:

·       Steel manufacturing and processing
·       Trade and Logistics
·       Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals
·       Minerals and Aggregates industry
·       Ceramics
·       Food, Food Logistics and Food processing.

Other industries are of course very much welcomed in our Freezone. If you are interested to invest in Freezone Sohar please send in Expression of Interest. In case you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

Tel. (+968) 26852700 Fax (+968) 26852701

·       Partners
·       Port of Rotterdam
·       Skil Group, India